Below are testimonials from parents like you, whose children were struggling with dyslexia … before working with Leslie.

“My son has been working with Ms. Eller for almost two years. In that time, not only has L developed incredible reading ability that he is enjoying immensely, but Ms. Eller has also been an amazing support for this mama that was very concerned and discouraged when we first came to see her. Her manner with L is caring and fun as she puts him through his paces; he really enjoys his time with her! I am most grateful for her role in our lives and would recommend her services unconditionally.”

− Signed,
A hugely relieved and thankful mom

leslie-eller-4“Before my daughter started working with Leslie Eller, she could not process how to drop a letter and recognize the new word. She also misheard and misread words that were similar in sound or appearance, for example, words like wrap and rat or badger and badge. The progress my daughter has made working with Leslie has been phenomenal and the skills she has obtained to hear and see words accurately has decreased confusion in her studies and has increased her ability to communicate with and be accepted by her peers. Leslie Eller cares about her students and she understands the challenges faced by them with their learning challenges.”

− Virginia


“Leslie has been a great help to my son’s reading and writing skills. She is talented at connecting with kids, and creatively makes the work fun with humor and surprises along the way. My younger son started with her this summer and has enjoyed their sessions, excitedly sharing with me things he worked on and learned that day.”

− Cathy


“Leslie Eller is such a blessing not only to my daughter, but my entire family!  Leslie has a passion for teaching and it shows!  My daughter day after day is enraptured by the way Leslie teaches, learning went from drudgery to excitement.  My daughter now has a positive self image when it comes to school, reading and responsibility!  This is such a turnaround from where we started.  I am so thankful!  My only regret is that we didn’t meet Leslie until my daughter was in the 2nd grade.  My daughter is now in the 5th grade and beginning to really excel!  The Orton-Gillingham approach blended with the way Leslie teaches, is a combination for confidence and success!  There are not enough THANK YOUS that I can express to Leslie Eller!!!!  Thank you for lovingly teaching my sweet daughter, in the process, you have taught us all!”

− Kendra


“When our son was 7 he was diagnosed as dyslexic and dysgraphic, and had low self-esteem. After one year of lessons with Miss Leslie, he was able to find joy in reading and writing again. After 2 years, he was enjoying his classes, had a greater sense of self and of his abilities, and was excelling in science and social studies. Miss Leslie was engaging and encouraging to a little boy that felt lost and hopeless. There aren’t enough words to express how her involvement allowed him to excel and changed his entire perspective, and what that has meant to us as a family. Thank you Leslie!”

−The Adair Family

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