Helpful sites for Orton-Gillingham apps and more

Hi!  With all the new technology being used today, our children have exposure to many wonderful and helpful sites.  Here are but a few:


Apps for Lower Elementary

-ABC Pocket Rockets

-ABC Phonic Sight Words

-Sentence Reading Magic

-ABC Tracer-Letters, Numbers, Words, Phonics

-Fry Words

-Phonics Vowels-Short Vowels, Long Vowels, Two Vowels

-Phonics Silly Sentences

-Speech Therapy to Go

APPS for Upper Elementary


-Simplex Spelling

-Fry Words

-Grammar Up

-Word Magic

-Grammar Prep

-Super Speller

-Sound Literacy

APPS for Middle School

Practice English Grammar

Story LInes

Latin and Greek Root Words

Vocab Rootology


Preposition Builder

There’s more available upon request

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